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Come work with us!

Ash Creek seeks to make the world a better place – for our employees, our community and the ecosystems where we work.   

We invest in our employees with extensive on-the-job training and classes that improve employees’ marketability and potential advancement both within and outside of our business. Our staff receive professional training in plant identification, re-establishment and stewardship; we emphasize and insist upon safety in all of our restoration practices.  


All full-time employees receive: 

Paid leave for vacation and health, personal, and family time 

Health insurance 

Raises based on performance and certifications

Current Job Opening:

We currently are not actively hiring. However, if you believe you're qualified and want to work in the outdoors, it never hurts to reach out...

(we aren't actively seeking to fill, but it never hurts to reach out if you're qualified)


Project Specialist

Project Specialist are essentially "Project Managers" who don't have a full portfolio yet. This position involves developing a portfolio, running projects, and working directly with clients. 


Project Ecologist

Project Ecologists are a jack of all trades when it comes to ecology. They have the ability to take on any project and become an expert in it. Need a plant survival report? Got it. Need an amphibian survey? Got it.


Team Trainer

Team Trainers are experienced individuals whose passion is education and training newer folks. This is a great role for someone with lots of ecological restoration experience, but does not want to deal with clients. 

Other Positions

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