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Habitat Restoration

The foundation of what we do

We manage sites big and small, working across all ecosystem types. We will work with you to determine realistic goals, timelines, and budgets. If you're looking to work on any of the following, you've reach the right place:

Restoration Prescriptions

Weed Control

Native Plant Procurement and Installation

Professional Field Crew Work

Seed Collection

Long Term Stewardship

Project Management


Our Field Team Members

Our field team members are the backbone of Ash Creek. We've increased the entry pay and internally modified our equipment to make this field easier to work in no matter background, height, or body type. Additionally, we removed the hierarchy structure in the field (where teams used to be led by Crew Leaders and Assistant Crew Leaders) to empower self-directed teams. With each team member trained to the level of what was our "crew leader", we've drastically increased the quality of the work that we do. 

Project Staff

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