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Our Team.


At Ash Creek, we operate in a team based system, and we're proud to say, we have the best teams around! Our primary teams are: Project Team, Treatment Specialists, Training Team, Field Teams, and Facility / Administrative Team. 

(Ash Creek staff at a company paintball event in 2023)

Field Teams

Our Field Teams are the lifeblood of Ash Creek Forest Management, LLC! They are self-directed, meaning they don't have "crew leaders". Instead they're trained, certified, and paid to the same level of traditional crew leaders. They rotate and coordinate amongst themselves who is going to take point to coordinate with Project Managers and Treatment Specialists. 

Project Team

Project Managers and Project Specialist are experts in seeing sites from concept through completion. They write long-term prescriptions, coordinate with the scheduler, and ensure sites are finished with the extremely high level of quality that you've come to expect from Ash Creek

Treatment Team

Treatment Specialist are the bridge between the Project Team and the Field Teams. They write daily Treatment Plans for each site entry and then work in the field with the teams, coaching them towards a successful treatment. 

Training Team

Trainers ensure our staff members receive the best, most up-to-date trainings so that we can always be on the cutting edge of innovation within the industry. This team also runs our Workforce Development Program, which is designed to get underserved and under represented communities into the environmental industry. 

Facility / Administrative Team

Our administrative and facilities teams ensure everything from equipment to the schedule are properly functioning so that we can run as effectively as possible. With most of the staff coming from the Field Teams or Project Team, it's not too unusual to see them sneaking out to site to enjoy some field time (including our three owners, who all started in the field).



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