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Our Values

Ash Creek, a recognized industry leader and certified B-Corp, creates innovative solutions for sustainable management of natural areas, farms and forests, backyards and bioswales.  We help clients envision and achieve successful, low-chemical habitat restoration and naturescaping. We also provide a suite of expert professional services. 

VISION We think on a landscape-scale, envisioning restoration of ecosystems across whole watersheds and throughout the Pacific Northwest – a vision that’s critical for fish, wildlife and people to thrive.  

PARTNERSHIPS We share our expertise with partner organizations, enhancing capacity - in fundraising, planning, mapping, monitoring and reporting.  

INNOVATION We innovative new restoration methods - from Beaver Dam Analogs to Floating Shade Waddles. We control invasive and noxious weeds with expertly-timed pulling, cutting, mowing, and targeted spray that minimizes chemical use. 

SUSTAINABILITY We promote native plants in our projects, because native plantings minizine irrigation, reduce risk of noxious weed introduction and support a rich diversity of Pacific Northwest pollinators and other wildlife. We minimize and offset our carbon emissions and reduce waste through reuse and recycling.


DIVERSITY Our goal is not only protecting biological diversity; we are continuously working to diversify our workforce by increasing accessibility and maintaining a discrimination-free workforce. From our Employee Handbook: 

“Ash Creek Forest Management, LLC demonstrates its commitment to diversity through its employment practices and through the way it transacts business with others within and outside of our community.  Diversity means respecting and valuing differences, such as those based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, language, race and socio-economic status, as well as, respecting each individual’s right to privacy in areas such as religious faith, political beliefs and sexual orientation.  Diversity, and the respect and understanding of the integrity and worth of other cultures, people and lifestyles is, today and will continue to be, simply good business.” 

Ownership Team

After 1.5 years training to run the business, on January 1st, 2021, Ash Creek Forest Management, LLC officially changed hands to Brad Burke, Scott Brennan, and Spencer Hansen. The new owners started at Ash Creek as Field Team (work crew) Members before developing into company leaders. 


Brad spent years working as the Lead Project Manager at Ash Creek, running some of the companies largest projects. He now acts as the head of development, touching everything from new projects and bids to developing new internal programs like the Rescued Plant Program. Outside of Ash Creek, Brad serves as film Producer in California. You may occasionally see him on weekends traveling the world to attend film festivals or work on sets, but he's always back in time for all things Ash Creek.

Brad Burke (he/him/his)

Co-Owner / Head of Development
Scott Brennan (he/him/his) 

Co-Owner / Business Manager

Scott got pulled from his happy place (the mud) into the office to learn and do all things business in 2019. In his current role, he manages the business staff and the project staff, assisting them in building systems that will lead to longterm success. Whenever possible, he still likes to sneak on site and work with the field teams. Outside of work, Scott is seen as a board game expert, always on top of what the latest and greatest game that you've never heard of. 

Spencer Hansen (he/him/his)

Co-Owner / Field Operations Manager

Spencer has worn many hats at Ash Creek, but found his passion working with the Field Teams. He manages field operations, ensuring that all the pieces are in place for our projects to go on without a hitch. Spencer spends most of his free time wrangling his kids and exploring the wilderness. 

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