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Our Values


Who we are...

Ash Creek, a recognized industry leader and certified B-Corp, creates innovative solutions for sustainable management of natural areas, farms and forests, backyards and bioswales.  We help clients envision and achieve successful, low-chemical habitat restoration and naturescaping. In addition, we believe this industry has severely lacked diversity for far too long and are actively working towards opening the doors and welcoming new and diverse voices to the table. 


We believe paying people a sustainable wage in our entry positions is the best way to bring more voices to the table! This is why we restructured our pay across the board. Employees in our entry position, Habitat Restoration Specialist, start at $18.50/hr during a short probationary period before moving to $20/hr. After that, we have self paced certifications (safety, botany, equipment, nursery, etc.) which each come with $0.50/hr pay raise. Habitat Restoration Specialists are able to make $22+ within their first 6 months!


The environmental industry has many hidden entry fees that act as a gateway (far away sites, expensive clothing, only seasonal work, etc.).

Ash Creek is working towards eliminating those hidden costs. We provide year-round full-time work to all of our employees, secure employee discounts at many local outdoor retailers, start the clock during part of the commute AND pay a monthly gas stipend. 


For too long, restoration equipment has only catered to one demographic of people in terms of height and body type. We think this is both unfair and a safety issue, therefore, we modify our equipment in house to fit an array of heights and body types. For instance, we shortened our shovels to fit height and added waist-straps for individuals who have more strength in their hips rather than shoulders. We believe in fitting equipment to people, not people to equipment. 

INNOVATE! (or get left behind)

The restoration industry is YOUNG and based off of a combination of European Forestry and Farming practices. We cannot get complacent with these old models and must continue to research, experiment, learn from our local tribes, and grow our practices into being evermore sustainable. 


In 2022, we began our Workforce Development Program, which is dedicated towards bringing more voices and diversity into the industry. Our trainers work hand-in-hand with non-profits to educate and train young adults in the Environmental Field. 

Also in 2022, we started our Career Development Program, where we provide employees in the program 1-2 paid days per week to work with a Career Development Coach to research and gain the skills they need to advance within the industry. 

Our Diversity Statement

“Ash Creek Forest Management, LLC demonstrates its commitment to diversity through its employment practices and through the way it transacts business with others within and outside of our community.  Diversity means respecting and valuing differences, such as those based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, language, race and socio-economic status, as well as, respecting each individual’s right to privacy in areas such as religious faith, political beliefs and sexual orientation.  Diversity, and the respect and understanding of the integrity and worth of other cultures, people and lifestyles is, today and will continue to be, simply good business.” 

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