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Habitat Restoration Specialist

Title: Habitat Restoration Specialist 

Status: Nonexempt, Full-time, dependent upon completion of a 90-day probationary period.  Mandatory seasonal overtime. 

Location: Hillsboro main office, restoration sites throughout the Pacific Northwest 

Transportation: Provide own transportation to work sites, Hillsboro facility, or other planned locations. 

Summary: Execute habitat restoration treatments while maintaining measurable safety, quality, and output requirements. 

Essential Duties: 

  • Control noxious weeds through careful, precise application of herbicides using backpack sprayers 

  • Planting bare-root trees and shrubs 

  • Install container plants, plugs, and bulbs 

  • Prepare and install native plant pole cuttings 

  • Maintain native tree and shrub plantings using hand-tools and power tools 

  • Perform site preparation using a variety of power equipment 

  • Repair, clean, and maintain all hand and power tools in operating condition 

  • Operate and maintain company tractors, ATVs, and trucks 

  • Load and unload vehicles and trailers with all required equipment 

  • Collect native plant seed 

  • Other duties as requested 

Job Performance Expectations (required): 

Hit Team Membership Requirements: Ash Creek Forest Management is a team environment.  It is the responsibility of each team member to adhere to these requirements. 

  • Treat your team members, support staff, clients, and others with respect 

  • Role model positive communication and behavior while in the field, meetings, or when dealing with others 

  • Take initiative to make things better for your team 

  • Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others 

  • Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not on the person 

  • Lead by example 


  • Adhere to all documented safety policies and protocols 

  • Practice safe operation with all equipment and vehicles 

  • Inspect and maintain all required equipment and submit documented safety forms on time 

  • Always maintain a safety 1st mindset 


  • Utilize quality control methods for all treatments and document results 

  • Communicate quality control methods and results to project managers and field operations manager 

  • Maintain a level of quality designated by clients and project managers 

  • Fix quality issues immediately upon finding them 


  • Must reach documented output goals that are set on a per project basis 

  • Maintain a minimum of 40 billable hours per week 

  • Be available for occasional mandatory overtime 

Experience/Qualifications (Required): 

  • Ability, motivation, and endurance for 8 to 10 hours of productive manual labor 

  • Ability to work outdoors across uneven terrain during inclement weather 

  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team 

  • Experience using hand and power tools (chainsaw, shovel, hoedad, etc.) 

  • Ability to safely lift 60 lbs. 

  • Valid driver's license  

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